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Hey There! I'm Kellen De Vos, Creative Director and Founder of Out There Creative Therapy. Not only through my illness with schizophrenia, but also throughout my entire life, I have found being creative a great source of therapy. When I became ill, I never stopped being creative. I found through recovery programs and my travels that other people who were suffering from mental illness had similar interests that kept them going. When I finally accepted my illness, took my meds and gave up substances like alcohol and unprescribed drugs, I found I could lead a life full of creativity and love!

It was then I decided to start Out There Creative Therapy; a non-profit organization that provides creative activities, productions and events for people affected by mental illness, their families and their community. While we do not offer clinical therapy, at Out There, we believe that the experiences we provide lead to healthier and happier lives not only for those affected by mental illness, but all people! In fact, we have learned to share our creativity with our communities to create positivity and bring people together to have healthy fun and sometimes even learn a thing or two about mental illness and its dangers.

Our goal is also to raise money for people suffering and to continue to provide bigger and better experiences for all our participants and attendees. Out There wants to offer these experiences to people at little to no cost. Anyone is encouraged to get involved and participate because mental health is everyone's goal!

Don't forget to check out our out there creative therapyFacebook Page for information on all our upcoming events!

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out there creative therapy in the news
out there creative therapy in the news

Please contact us to get involved in any of our programs, because when you go "Out There", you can discover great things!

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